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Part of the Boneyard Studios mission is to showcase tiny homesand the idea of a tiny home communityto the widest possible audience. So we were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to Emily Wax from the Washington Post earlier this month to do just that.

Emily's well-researched article, "Home, squeezed home: Living in a 200-square-foot space" was in Wednesday's paper, getting tons of attention online and making it to the front page of the WaPo site, and becoming the site's most popular story, by late morning.

The Post did a great job of addressing the tiny home movement from all angles, but I should note that although a large focus of the article relates to tiny homes as a means affordable housing, what we're doing at Boneyard Studios is a different type of affordable housing. I'm not building a tiny home because I'm one of the "underemployed, credit-crisis kids who know they will probably never achieve the Mad Men-era American ideal of a one-income family with a large house in the suburbs, two kids, and two cars," but because that American ideal isn't desirable to me. In other words, it's about voluntary simplicity, not forced downsizing.

And a few factual corrections: saving for the Matchbox was a two-year journey, and the luxury of mobility allows me to move, if I so desire, for the wonder of another terrain, not for the necessity of another job.

Aforementioned aside, Emily did a terrific job synthesizing a broad topic into a digestible article, so I'm glad we had the opportunity to get our story out there and bring tiny homes to the District's leading paper.

Boneyard Studios in the Washington Post!

And, of course, with good press comes good commentshere are are a few of my favorites thus far:

The good:

The bad:
  • Haikuist: Pretentious hipsters / Serving up 'enlightment' / Starbucks on the side.
  • Zippyseed: The article even says that one of these guys works for HUD. We can hope for the best, but don't be surprised if "crack shack" enters the vernacular.

The ugly:
  • Pechins: Is this the Agenda 21 life in the future under Pharaoh Obama? Hmm?
  • Grtshldrs: Block the communist revolution in America that is forcing millions of families into shacks.
  • RedskinsFan2: Will these dressed-up closets be the new McMansions in Obamaville?
  • Restonhoops: Sounds like Obamaville to me.
  • TheATLMac: People forced to live in 200-square-foot shacks. Yep, that's an accurate analogy for where Obama has taken America.
  • Defund_NPR: So this is what Obama meant by "forward." Frigging shacks!
  • SevenSuns: This seems a bit like Soviet-era Russia.
  • Kajun: I imagine King Obama gets teary-eyed by this: his dream of how all of his subjects should live can now be reality.
  • SouthBronx1: My God, you Leftists are sheep ...
  • Redsquare: Sexist pig.



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