A visit from Sicily, 12-year-old tiny home builder


It's always wonderful to be reminded of the sheer diversity of the tiny home movement—of the many shapes and forms in which tiny home builders and dwellers come. So this week, it was a pleasure to receive a visit from Sicily Kolbeck, a twelve-year-old building and designing a tiny home in Marietta, Georgia.

Sicily began designing her home this summer, was donated an 8x16 trailer in early September, and has been working on gathering materials and building her subfloor ever since. Having heard about Boneyard Studios and wanting to see our project for herself, Sicily's family brought her up to DC for a visit this Friday.

Sicily (center) and her family.
While showing the family around the lot and touring our still-in-progress tiny homes, the Boneyard crew answered questions, provided tips, and learned a little more about Sicily's own building plans for La Petite Maison, all the while growing increasingly impressed by Sicily's intelligence, maturity, and resourcefulness. We're looking forward to following Sicily's progress in the coming months—if you'd like to do the same, be sure to check out her blog and videosAnd, if you'd like to support a twelve-year-old in her humble quest for independence and simple, sustainable living, please consider sending a few dollars her way, or contacting her family to donate tools or building supplies.

Sicily, many thanks for coming by Boneyard Studios, and best of luck with your tiny house build!

Sicily trying out the shou sugi ban flamethrower on some window trim.


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