Matchbox update: Plaster, cabinets, floors, siding


Another month gone by, another lack of regular Matchbox updates. Rather than prolong this any further, here's a quick run-through of tiny house news over the past five weeks:

Second coat of plaster (Day 30, 7 hours)

Using a paint-roller-and-trowel pairing (as opposed to the slower hawk-and-trowel method), a brilliant suggestion by Tony, the second coat of plaster was put on in just one day. With the ceiling fully painted and the plaster all-but-compressed, the Matchbox's walls are just about done and ready for some decor.

Kitchen cabinets (Day 31, 10 hours)

There's arguably nothing more American than driving out to the heartland (and by this, I mean College Park, MD) for some good old-fashioned cabinet-shopping at the neighborhood's Swedish furniture superstore. IKEA may have a reputation for shoddy endtables and frustrating image-only instructions, but the Swedes sure can make a mean kitchen cabinet. I'll definitely be posting more on the kitchen once it's nearer completion, but for the time being, let's just say that the shiny new base cabinets, complete with slam-proof drawers, are making the Matchbox feel much more domestic.

Plaster, cabinets, and a soon-to-be-buried sanded floor. 

Floors! (Day 32, 9 hours)

After months of walking across rough, dusty plywood, the Matchbox finally got a finished floor just last week. Though a hardwood laminate—a less durable solution that real hardwood but chosen for its thickness (mere millimeters ad opposed to inches, which will surely make a difference underneath the loft)—the flooring that Tony put down (precision in cutting with a utility knife, alas, is not my strong suit) looks absolutely terrific. The floor's greyed grain complements the wall's wild smoke plaster nicely, and really makes the Matchbox begin to feel less like a construction project and more like a respectable home.

That's mud, not scratches. The floors are a bit less brown in person.

Siding (Day 33, 3 hours)

Despite many months since the first Matchbox burn-a-thon, the cold weather has kept the crisply-charred cedar confined to the ground for most of the winter. Fortunately, a warm day (relatively, at least), a couple friends (thanks Dan and Lauren!), and a finish nailer all aligned for a few hours in mid-Februrary to allow about a dozen sugi boards to be put up on the left side of the house. The 1x4 cedar is a pleasure to work with, and using a finish nailer to tack up the wood (instead of screws and a driver) makes the process go by much more quickly.

The first dozen or so sugi boards on the side of the Matchbox.
Next steps

Progress on the siding will continue tomorrow with another burn-a-thon, and early next week, baseboard and window trim will start going in. Now that the walls and floors are done, decor is starting to make its way up, and furniture sketching is in full swing. As always, if you're looking to help with any part of the build, let me know. :)


"We were not made in its image
But from the beginning we believed in it
Not for the pure appeasement of hunger
But for its availability
It could command our devotion
Beyond question and without our consent
And by whatever name we have called it
In its name love has been set aside
Unmeasured time has been devoted to it
Forests have been erased and rivers poisoned
And truth has been relegated for it
We believe that we have a right to it
Even though it belongs to no one
We carry a way back to it everywhere
We are sure that it is saving something
We consider it our personal savior
All we have to pay for it is ourselves."
— WS Merwin, "Convenience"


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