Welcoming a new addition to Boneyard Studios


For the past six months, Boneyard Studios has been a community of three under-construction tiny homes: the Matchbox, Minim House, and Pera House. But last week, we welcomed a new addition to our little tribe— the Lusby from our friend Elaine at tinyhousecommunity.com.

Getting Elaine's tiny house on the lot—and moving Brian's house to the right spot—required a bit of reshuffling, resulting in the Lusby, the Matchbox, and Minim House all getting hitched, unhitched, and moved (more than) a couple of times over the course of seven hours. Check out the video below for some clips of the move and, well, footage of a tiny house roaming the streets of DC.

Interested in touring Boneyard Studios? Sign up for our next open house here.


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