Oh, about that tiny house: Build update


"Once I was a carpenter, man my hands were calloused,
I could swing a metal mallet sure and straight.
But I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry,
And I left the timbers rotting where they lay."
— The Avett Brothers, "The Once and Future Carpenter"

In preparation for a summer on the road—a summer away from the Matchbox—I spent the last few pre-departure weeks, with the invaluable help of Tony, tying up loose ends around the tiny house. And while Tony will keep trucking along in my absence, building furniture and a bathroom and a utilities infrastructure, this will likely be my last Matchbox post for quite some time. So here goes: a photo tour of recent developments in and around the tiny house.

Porch and gutter system

Since my last post, the porch has gotten some improvements: real decking, trim, and rocking chairs. The facade is now also sporting a new cedar gutter and two shiny new rain chains—minimalist, Japanese-inspired inside-out downspouts that guide rainwater, through the magic of gravity and, like, molecular bonds, from the gutter to a set of small herb planters at the base of the porch, and further down beneath the trailer where the water is then pumped to a storage tank at the back of the house to be used for sink and shower water.

Siding complete!

I'm happy to report that all four sides of the house are now fully clad with beautiful charred cedar. So long, Tyvek: you shant be missed.

Inside decor

Not much has changed inside, but the walls are looking a bit more domestic with photographs and some wonderful jar racks Tony built. The kitchen is also rocking a makeshift plywood countertop until I can track down some beech butcher block, and the sink is now, like, quasi-operational, with a super-smooth foot-operated pedal inspired by Brian's Minim house.

And so ...

And so, pictures below, I think (this is a mobile post, so apologies if formatting is a little off). And so, now the blog will be completing its turn toward posts from the road, which may or may not be your thing, but in the event it's not your thing, I'll certainly be blogging up a storm upon my return to Boneyard Studios later this summer, at which point the Matchbox will likely be fully or nearly complete and at which point there will, as such, be loads to write about.



  1. JAY it looks stunning, and as a lover of food and cooking I'm especially impressed by the kitchen. The rain chains are an attractive and useful touch as well. How's the shower?

    1. Thanks! The kitchen still has a ways to go (the whole house does, actually), but I am looking forward to putting it to good use.

      As for the shower, it still doesn't exist. One of these days ... :)


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