Tracking the journey (by satellite!)


As I scramble to get things ready for Saturday morning's departure, I'll keep this one short: I just added a new gadget to the blog's sidebar (pan left, unless you're reading this through a feed aggregator, in which case click here) that will (or should) update with my location at some unknown but fairly frequent interval throughout the entirety of the trip, courtesy of Google and satellite magic.

See below for a larger version. This thing should start crawling southward in t-minus 48 hours.


"For weeks I had studied maps, large-scale and small, but maps are not reality at all—they can be tyrants. I know people who are so immersed in road maps that they never see the countryside they pass through, and others who, having traced a route, are held to it as though held by flanged wheels to rails." — Steinbeck, Travels


  1. Already in NOLA on day 5? You're moving much more quickly than I thought! Don't forget the roses. ;)

    1. Taking the day today to do just that. :) Then I'll be barreling through Texas for one more quick spurt, then taking it nice and easy all throughout the Southwest.


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