Matchbox video tour


A few weeks ago, Deek Diedricksen from RelaxShacks came out to Boneyard Studios for a tour of our tiny houses. His crew put together a video of us walking and talking through the Matchbox—probably the most thorough video tour of the space I have to date. A few things have already changed since the video was shot (new bench, new plans for the back corner), but for those who haven't yet seen the Matchbox in person, here's a quick peek at what's inside.

Many thanks to RelaxShacks for the visit—and as things near completion in the tiny house, I'll aim to get more video posted soon.


  1. Too Cool! (do people still say that?) But really... this is cool. Thanks for sharing your wonderful home!

  2. what is up with the moss countertop? I've been googling for an hour and can't find anything about it.

    1. Purely aesthetic ... just trying it out. It looked cool, but got a little messy with folks brushing by, so back to a boring wood one now. :)


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