Technical difficulties, friends. It seems the consequence of sitting on blog posts for a month in draft form is that they publish on the date that draft begun, so (a) things may be a little out of order, and (b) if you happen to be one of the particularly lovely people who subscribes to these posts via email, you probably haven't gotten the past few. I think it's all figured out now, so here's a chronological recap from the past month:

(1) Oh, hey, in which I apologize for a long delay from writing and promise more soon.

(2) Milan, Verona, Venice, Rome (Days 10 - 17), in which Abbilyn and I see Italy (this has, oddly, posted itself before the last entry).

(3) Bled, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik (Days 18 - 21), in which we change our plans and road trip through beautiful Croatia.

(4) Dubrovnik, Mostar (Day 22), in which our road trip continues to Bosnia.

(5) Split, Plitvice, Zagreb (Days 22 - 25), in which we return the car and depart for Turkey.

(6) Istanbul (Days 25 - 29), in which we explore Istanbul.

(+) And also: the quasi-realtime Instagram feed that illustrates these many days (and more) in overly-processed grainy photographs.


More coming soon on the remainder of Istanbul, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, (a little bit of) Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, (Hungary again,) and whatever else unfolds between now and then (likely more Austria, the Czech Republic, more Germany, and Scandinavia[!]).



  1. Jay, I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading it, although I am very much behind you in real time. You have a nice gift for writing.

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy! I'll admit I'm also behind myself in real-time; I'm about a month more travelled than the most recent posts :) So glad you're enjoying them!


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