A summer, in long-overdue review



Lauren and I depart for our great American road trip. From the neon clutter of Las Vegas to the unbelievable vastness of the Canyonlands, our Camaro carries us across great expanses of Nevada and Arizona and Utah. We see the narrow chasms of Zion and the painted hoodoos of Bryce; we're made tiny by the rising buttes of Monument Valley and the sheer scale of the Island in the Sky. There are campfires and cotton candy sunsets and heat, unbearable heat, and we're chased north toward cooler climates—to the Grand Tetons at Jenny Lake, to the Grand Canyon at Yellowstone, to the rolling hills and gorgeous gorges of Idaho and Oregon.

We break in Portland for rest and work and a quick visit to the loveliest little tiny house community, and then veer south: to the fog of the Oregon Coast, the volcanic peaks of Lassen, the endless beauty of California's eastern spine. There's a little time outside Los Angeles with wonderful company, and a slow drive back to Las Vegas, and then we're homeward-bound, five thousand memorable miles etched into the odometer. Photos.

The Camaro at Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Zion National Park, Utah
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

A quick trip with great friends to New England. There are lovely farm-filled mornings in Burlington and long rambling walks through Montreal; there are kind hosts and cobbled streets and the crisp air of Canada. We venture east and find golden drives and rocky shores and soggy camping in Bar Harbor and Acadia, and then west once more, back to Burlington.  

Burlington, Vermont

Acadia National Park, Maine

Cadillac Mountain, Maine

Cold Hollow Sculpture Park, Enosburg Falls, Vermont


Another trip out west. This one's quieter, slower—pleasant jaunts to and from Los Angeles, an exploration of San Pedro's sunken city, lovely days at the beach and even lovelier walks about the neighborhood. The warmest people (and the warmest weather), and the first time in a while to read a few good books. A perfect end to a travel-filled summer.

But back in the District, a little more movement. The Matchbox relocates yet again, spot four, to what we hope will be a more semi-permanent home at Old City Farm & Guild, the city's best little garden shop. Tours and concerts and tiny house events start hitting the fall calendar.

San Pedro, California

San Pedro, California

Glendale, California
Old City Farm & Guild, DC


Six months later, photos from India finally make it online (oh, and Nepal too). The Matchbox settles in, and plans for fall travel are thrown into flux. With a season full of events, the October bicycle tour of Japan gets pushed to January; with a quick query of Japan's winter climate, the January bicycle tour of Japan gets pushed to New Zealand. Research hurries along, but outrageous fares and dangerous cycling conditions cause a rethinking of the whole endeavor, and the October-in-Japan-turned-January-in-New-Zealand becomes December-in-Namibia, at least for the moment. The current plan: three weeks meeting the people and the predators and the prey of Namibia and Botswana in the driver's seat of a hefty 4x4. The current likelihood of that plan changing: moderate.

Looks like it's time to start planning the next adventure.

Amer, India

Jaipur, India

Varanasi, India
Kathmandu, Nepal

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