Once upon a time in Europe


Photos from Europe, twenty-one months later—at least as organized and sorted through as they'll ever be.

Barcelona, Spain. [More photos from Spain]

Paris, France. [More photos from France]
Bologna, Italy. [More photos from Italy]
Mostar, Bosnia. [More photos from Slovenia, Bosnia, and Croatia]
Istanbul, Turkey. [More photos from Turkey]
Bern, Switzerland. [More photos from the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary]
Nuremberg, Germany. [More photos from Germany]
In transit, Romania. [More photos from Romania and Bulgaria]
World Bodypainting Festival, Austria. [More photos from the World Bodypainting Festival]
Southwestern fjords, Norway [More photos of Norway, Sweden, and Estonia]
London, England. [More photos of England]
Doolin, Ireland. [More photos of Scotland and Ireland]

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