The Scooter Diaries: 15,000 miles around North America

In May 2013, I embarked on a 15,000-mile scooter journey across North America. I left seeking
adventure, and experience, and beauty, and was pleased to find all in great abundance.

These are the field notes of my sixty days on the road. One day, perhaps I'll go back and round them out; perhaps I'll make them fuller and neater and more coherent. But for now, here they are in all their unrefined mess.

"He writes page after page about tiny details of things he sees: marketplaces, shops with sliding glass doors, slate roofs, roads, thatched huts, everything. Sometimes full of wild enthusiasm, sometimes depressed, sometimes angry, sometimes even humorous, he is like someone or some creature that has found an exit from a cage he did not even know was around him, and is wildly roaming over the countryside visually devouring everything in sight." — Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  1. Introducing the Scooter Diaries
  2. Full itinerary and departure date set
  3. Two weeks until departure
  4. 10,000 miles, 10,000 pages: Scooter Diaries reading list
  5. Tracking the journey by satellite
  6. Away we go

  1. To Asheville
  2. To New Orleans
  3. To Big Bend
  4. To El Paso
  5. To Great Sand Dunes
  6. To Arches
  7. To the Grand Canyon
  8. To Las Vegas
  9. Secrets of the Yucca
  1. To Bishop
  2. To Lake Tahoe
  3. To Eugene
  4. To Glacier
  5. To the Rainbow Gathering
  6. To the Badlands
  7. To Nebraska
  8. To Toronto
  9. To Niagara Falls
  10. Home.
  11. To DC and beyond



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